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    Wellness Clinic, offering Whole Body and Targeted Cryotherapy, Red Light, Infrared Sauna, BoaMax 2 and Normatec Compression, Anti-aging & Body Contouring/Slimming options, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, IV Drips & IM Vitamin/Slimming Injections


    Cryo T-Shock and Zemits Bionexis for body treatments, including contouring and sculpting.
    Adicell Thermographic Analysis reveals exactly where your fat distribution exists and should  be done prior to any body treatments.
    Cryo T-Shock Facials, the ultimate solution for healthy skin and facial contouring.
    State of the art whole body cryotherapy chamber.
    Targeted local cryotherapy, for post surgical, swelling, and localized arthritis and joint pain. It can even be used following dental implants or botox injections.
    BoaMax 2 compression, only available from Core Elite, for lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and cellulite reduction.
    Normatec Compression can be used for the legs, waist/lower back, and arms.
    Cocoon Pro Pod infrared sauna, your personal sanctuary
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, anti-aging, recovery and rejuvenation. Sleep better!
    IV nutrient and IM vitamin/slimming injections, the optimal way to obtain the nutrients and vitamins you need.

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    Victoria Kilpatrick
    Founder and Owner
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