• Starting a Business in Chagrin Falls

  • 1. Vendors License: Ohio Department of Taxation & Forms

    2. Occupancy Permit:  Chagrin Falls Building Inspector, Harry Edwards 440-247-5050
    - Cost $40.00 fee, plus no fee annual renewal with fire inspection
    - Complete application with detailed business description and floor plan required.
    - Only legal uses allowed in the zoning district in which you plan to locate
          Inspection: Zoning and Fire
          Landlord approval
    - Approximate length of time - One to two weeks.
    Please consult the Village of Chagrin Falls prior to signing a lease.

    3. Health Inspection (Food Services): Cuyahoga County Board of Health

    4. Exterior Signage:  Architectural Review Board - Harry Edwards 440-247-5050
    Zoning code chapter "1143"
    - Fee: Yes
    - Exterior signage need to be approved by the Architectural Review Board
    (meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 8:30 am in Village Hall) Submission deadline is eleven days prior to the Tuesday meeting. Information needed: Complete application, Sign type, size, lighting, locations, color samples, etc. Note: Most sign companies registered to do business in the village have knowledge about requirements. ARB approvals are valid for six months.

    5. Parking Needs:  Zoning code chapter "1141"
    Landlords are responsible for providing parking. The Village provides all day municipal parking in the
    W. Washington Lot, the south portion of the Plaza Lot and the Riverside Park lot along with various on street parking spaces. When in doubt, contact Village Hall.

    6. Interior Renovations: State of Ohio Department of Industrial Compliance
    Building permit required. 
    Chagrin Falls Building Department will issue a no cost permit upon presentation of State approval and can provide guidance with the commercial building permit process.
    Note: Any changes to the building exterior require Architectural Review Board approval.
    Approximate length of time: Unknown if state permits are needed.

    7. Local Regulations

    Sidewalk safety: No merchandise is permitted on the sidewalk except during the annual sidewalk sale or other approved event.
    Signage - inside windows: See Zoning Code Chapter "1143" No internally illuminated signs allowed.

    8. Other Items
    Garbage - Tenant or Landlord
    Snow Removal from public sidewalk fronting the property - Tenant or Landlord
    "Reasonable time" means removal of the snow and ice within two hours after the most recent accumulation of ice or snow, or if during the night, two hours after sunrise.


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