• Hiring Chef - Salaried, 40 hours max, Health, 401K and more

    Posted: 04/14/2024

    Job Summary

    Sirna’s Restaurant is seeking a Chef de Cuisine to lead and manage the diversified responsibilities of the kitchen. This position requires both culinary and managerial skills to support the restaurant, menu and staff. The restaurant includes full-service dine-in seating for 40, a seasonal patio seating, take out, and local delivery. 

    Sirna’s is the second restaurant owned and operated by the Sirna Family, of Sirna’s Pizza and Sirna’s Farm Market. The new restaurant, which opened in April 2019, replaced the original location and operation of Sirna’s Pizzeria. Sirna’s – located at 11773 East Washington Street, Auburn/Chagrin Falls, Ohio –  features approximately 3200 square feet including interior and seasonal patio seating.  The menu includes signature gourmet stone-baked pizza, Italian-fare, and seasonal dishes which are uniquely supplied by the family’s farm, Sirna’s Farm & Market, two miles away.

    Sirna's is a great place to work with an emphasis on family values and a healthy work-life balance, great staff culture, low employee turnover and competitive pay. Sirna’s supports this position through a collaborative and empowered work environment which will result in growth opportunities for a creative self-starter and strong performer. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a highly adored restaurant in the greater Chagrin Falls area.

    Pay & BENEFITS

    Sirna’s works hard to provide quality pay, working environments and hours, and benefits including health and a 401K. We believe in equitable pay, and pay reflective of work and lived experience, seniority and dependability, and general enthusiasm. We also care deeply for a work-life balance and healthy living.

    Salary: Starting Salary is $40,000, based on skills and experience. This position will work no more than 40 hours/week, on average. Planned pay increases with key milestone dates of 6 months, 1 year, etc. are in place.

    Benefits: Meeting 1,000 hour requirement, and over age of 21, you are eligible for health and 401K benefits.

    Health Employer-offered health insurance; Sirna’s will pay for 50% of employee only plans including vision and dental. Child and Family plans are an additional cost incurred by employee. Reimbursement alternative - Sirna’s will pay for 50% of an employee-only market-rate plan that does not exceed the maximum dollars of employer-offered health insurance. Seasonal Farm Share from Sirna’s Farm & Market and Farm, and a monthly store credit.

    401-K Sirna’s will contribute an equal (100% match) at employee contribution of 3% or less. Employees’ contributions between 3% and 4% are matched at 50% with a total match capped at 4%. 


    Work-Life Balance Sirna’s offers 10 paid holidays with business closures and one week paid time off. With the latest close time of 9pm, Sirna’s supports a good night sleep. Flexible and autonomous scheduling also ensures your salaried hours maintain a healthy-for-you balance, with a minimum of 37 hours required.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    In this role, the Chef de Cuisine responsibilities will include:

    Menu Development

    • Develop new menu items based on seasonal ingredients and customer demand

    • Create, test, and run specials throughout each month to use up products to ensure minimal waste

    • Plate, stage and photograph menu items, old and new, as well as specials for SOPs and advertising

    • SOP development to ensure menu items are kept consistent among each person who makes them

    • Plan, communicate with, and/or create tasting menus for clients interested in contracting the food for special events and catering (wedding, banquets, corporate dinners, birthday parties, etc.)

    • Assist with menu pricing and profit maximization


    Kitchen Staff Oversight

    • Keep a positive attitude and ensure staff is in a happy and healthy environment

    • Main liaison to Kaitlyn Sirna (Marketing, Communication, Community Outreach, Policy/HR) and Assistant Manager (responsible for scheduling)

    • Advise, with Management and Ownerships, updates to training procedures 

    • Train and/or educate all staff on new menu items and specials including chef descriptions, dietary accommodations available, preparing them (when applicable), plating them, and other menu pairings including food and beverages

      • Ensure the staff is trained to create the best food to their abilities to reach Sirna’s standards, including consistency of the menu items

      • Ensure all staff members adhere to culinary standards and food safety and sanitation regulations at their respective stations and the entirety of the kitchen

    • Manage and delegate tasks to staff including upholding organizational procedures (example: keeping dry storage, walk in freezer, walk in cooler, or station coolers organized and clean)

    • Attempt to help answer any questions or problems an employee might have with anything such as menu items, how to make something, where something is, etc. 

    • Contribute to all staff meeting agendas

    • Assist with and complete annual appraisals to ensure continued staff development and appraisal


    Kitchen Management

    • Develop and improve standard operating procedures that coincide with training manual and best practices to improve organization for the kitchen

    • Responsible for properly ordering goods for kitchen success

    • Track, record, and manage food costs, inventories, and waste log, 

    • Cross-train kitchen staff on multiple stations; Maintain order and discipline in the kitchen during working hours

    • Create and maintain an updated prep list for each station

    • Maintain consistent food standards and quality across all areas and during all stages of production to ensure the HACCP procedure according to the company’s Food Safety Management

      • Oversee that the hygiene and food safety standards are met in all stages of food preparation

    • Monitor the professional equipment is in good conditions and signal any malfunction before it affects the staff or the customers

    • Ensure that a clean and safe environment is kept


    • Two-year degree or culinary school / certification OR culinary experience in a full service restaurant

    • Eager to work with local food and follow seasonal menu development, instilling Sirna’s values

    • Be adaptable and able to work under pressure including executing creative and reliable work

    • Experience with menu costing procedures including conscientious food ordering and relationship building with purveyors for new products

    • Knowledge of best practices for training kitchen staff and implementing kitchen procedures

      • Understanding of kitchen staff training needs of all staff within line of responsibility on both an individual and group basis, including work methods, safety at work, health, hygiene, and quality

    • Must be a collaborative and creative self-starter that embodies teamwork, and able to work with a diverse staff of all ages

    • Have strong communication skills and mentality to lead by example

    • Tech-friendly or Tech-motivated, with willingness to use Google Drive for file management and record keeping, Email, Digital Scheduling and Timecards, and logging essential information in Point of Sale System (POS)

      •  Experience with Toast POS a plus


    Please email HR@sirnaspizza.com with:

    • A copy of your resume or CV 

    • A few sentences on why you are interested in the position and your desired salary. 

    • Optionally: Include photos of your creations, menu items developed, social handle, etc. to share your work, or anything 


    Sirna’s is looking to hire on or before June 1, 2024, with priority for candidates able to begin by May 1st to allow crossover training and support with our existing, and exiting chef. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the right candidate is found. If offered an interview, please begin to prepare three references.


    Address: 11773 East Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 (Auburn Corners)

    Website: www.sirnaspizza.com 

    Phone: 440-708-1130 

    Please do not call for general inquiries or regarding your application; If you prefer you can drop off your application in person




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